Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Slacker!! SLACKER!!!

I've been hardcore blog slacking, but it's fine. I'll do better, I promise.

Anywho... this last weekend was awesome!!! Here's a bit of a recap:

Saturday: Steve and I got up and made a decision to head up north to Vermont and go to the Simon Pearce factory to get our toasting flutes. Here is a picture of them:

While we were up there, we figured we would pop in and visit Steve's friends Jeff and Kathy. What a great idea that was! We called them as we arrived in Vermont to see if they were home and they were. They joined us for some tasty lunch at the Harpoon Brewery and then we went back to their place for a bit. Later that evening we joined them to go to Best Buy and look at some TV's followed by a yummy meal at the Koto Japanese Steakhouse in Lebanon NH. Then it was the 2-hour drive home; we got home around 9:30 or so. That was an awesome day.

Sunday: Church per the usual. Then Steve and I went to Sal's pizza and had some tasty calzones for lunch. After that we went home and played some Wii and Steve escorted me to my...


So exciting!! There were about 30 people that were able to make it despite the craptastic weather including my parents who drove all the way up here from Tennessee and Cara who flew up from FL for the weekend just for me! I know how other brides have felt now... you get there, you want to say hi to everyone, and then eat! eat! eat!, and then it's presents, then it's 3 hours later and everyone has to leave. It was awesome and exciting... but it just flew right by!

After that, we loaded up Dad's van with all my "loot" and drove back to our apartment. Unloaded it all and then ordered subs. Hanging out with my parents was awesome. Yay!!!

Monday: Monday was nice. It was Patriot's Day and I actually had it off this year (strange). I took full advantage. Steve was supposed to have the day off, but got called into work. So I went up to my grandparents' by myself to hang out with my parents and my grandparents for the morning/afternoon. I left there around 1:30 or so and brought my honey some Starbucks tasties. Grocery shopping, and then our friends Tony & Shannon came over for dinner.

Overall - an AWESOME weekend. :)

Addendum: I've been advised I should talk about yesterday. I think Steve wants me to mention that he got yesterday off due to Lowell being underwater again. :) But... I worked, we interviewed candidates for my old position. Then last night our friends Nathan and Priscila came over for dinner and hanging out - which was also an awesome time.

Tonight we're going to Manchester to get Steve's ring (he didn't get the right one last time) and have some tasty dinner at Cactus Jack's.
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Laura said...

Those flutes are gorgeous.