Thursday, May 3, 2007

1 Month, 6 days...

The clock is winding down folks, and I'm beginning to realize a few things about the process of getting married. They're things that people have said to me all along... but they've really started to come into fruition recently.

- What my MoH said to me when we first got engaged is so true: weddings bring out the selfishness in people. The kicker is that it seems to bring it out in these fringe family members that you never see and may never see again. We had some family drama this week that was very hard to work through, especially for Steve since it was his side of the family. I'm praying that it will work itself out, but further I'm praying that Steve's feelings can be restored. We're trying very hard not to let stupidity get in the way of our happiness, but sometimes things are harder than they seem. If anyone sees Steve and I in the next few days - just give him a hug and don't take it personally if he's/we're not cheery. It's not you - it's them. :)

- There is no such thing as a smooth ride and my good friend and bridesmaid Kristin has every right to laugh at me and say "I told you so" at this point. Every. Right. In fact, I fully expect her to leave a comment that says, "I told you so".

- The time leading up to the wedding once you hit the 60 day mark goes way too fast and you just hope that you're budgeting enough time to get everything done.

- Mental health days are so underrated it's not even funny.

- Some of the people you thought would be the most excited and happy for you aren't - at least outwardly anyways. And then some of the people you never would have dreamed would be so excited for you are so excited it hurts your face. :)

- It's funny the moments when it hits you that the name you introduce yourself with now will not be your name anymore in a matter of days. It's like you're about to undergo an identity change... but not really.

- You learn the value of spending one-on-one time with your other half in the weeks leading up to the big day. I guess until a few weeks ago I took the time at home for granted, but as things have gotten busier I find that we both really cherish those moments a little bit more.

- Taking a class when you're planning a wedding is a dumb idea at best.

- You've never looked forward to a vacation so much in your LIFE.

- It's super important to not lose focus on why you're planning this big event in the first place. It helps to reconcile in yourself all the selfishness of others, hiccups with vendors, stress of details, and worries of the weather. Once you put all those things aside you can focus on the fact that you're about to publicly make a commitment to someone for the rest of your life. To have and to hold, through good times and bad. In perspective, you invite who you invite because they mean something to you in some way. If they can't see that then it's their loss - because in the end you're the winner. You and your new husband (in my case) have declared your love and commitment to each other in front of true friends, close family, and God.

That's what it's all about.

1 Month... 6 days...
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Kristin said...

I told you so :-)

Doug said...

Couldn't have said it better myself! Hope you guys can work through the stupidity of others! This day is so much bigger than what anyone says, does, gives, etc. I am very happy for you guys! Getting married is the best thing that has EVER happend to me. I know it will be for you two, also!

KiKi said...

Getting marries is great, it's the wedding that's a pain! This all true, but I did give you the sage selfishness comment! Oh family!