Friday, May 11, 2007

And it's time for.... FRIDAY 5!!

Before I get to the Friday 5... just a note that we are getting our marriage license today!!!!!!!!!!!

Anywho... here we go:

We’re buying you a lifetime subscription to any magazine or periodical journal you want! What’ll it be?
National Geographic, and I didn't even have to blink about that. They capture the changing world and its culture better than most magazines, I think anyways, and the photography is usually amazing.

We’re buying you any existing non-chain, one-location-only store and giving you an expert lifetime manager, so that all you have to do is make decisions and watch them succeed or fail! What will be the store, and what will be your first change?
Lowmac's in Dracut. I'd make them a sandwich shop again since they got rid of it and now only do catering. :(

We’re buying you any house within a one-mile radius of your own! Which one do you want, and why?
There are a couple of houses up on North Policy street that I would not mind taking my pick from, that's for sure. They're good sized, and a few of them have that whole "I'm a bit older and have some character thing" going for them.

We’re hiring someone to take care of any ONE specific household chore (except cooking) for the rest of your life! Which chore will he or she attend to?
Cleaning the bathroom. It's the one thing that I absolutely hate having dirty, and I haven't found time to take care of it as much as I'd like to lately. Boo to that. If I could have bathroom maid service that would totally rock.

We’re providing the start-up capital for any crazy idea for a business, service, or product you can dream up, giving you total creative control while we finance your dream for five years, after which it must fail or succeed on its own merit! What will it be?
Nothin crazy at all. I would want a bookstore/coffee shop. One with lots of books, some light jazz, big comfy chairs, a few pastries and some simple hot beverages. I would want it in a downtown area, but nothing crazy like Boston. Maybe like a downtown Lowell or Downtown Andover. Somewhere like that. I'm sure that given 5 years and unlimited finances during that time, I could come up with something sustainable in that idea. Anyone on board?
No music yet today, but I should get in the shower... :)


Mags said...

Yay, yay, yay!!!

(To marriage license)


Legalities on Friday...the only thing better than that is ice cream.

Danielle said...

Hrmmm... maybe we'll do that too!! :)

Mags said...

Good. Thinking.

Kristin said...

If you add a tea room, I'm in :-)