Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ten on Tuesday - Boo Hoo!!

This week's Tuesday Meme will be the Ten on Tuesday. Why? Because I can do them quickly.

Ten Songs That Make Me Sad:
1. Rascal Flatts, "Skin"
2. Joe Nichols, "I'll Wait For You"
3. Garth Brooks, "I Don't Have To Wonder"
4. Simpli Lauri, "Can You Feel My Tears?" (Based on the book Can You Feel My Tears by Lauri Merrow - my mom)
5. Brad Paisley & Dolly Parton, "When I Get Where I'm Going"
6. "Maybe" from the movie Annie
7. Lee Ann Rimes, "Probably Wouldn't Be This Way"
8. Dixie Chicks, "Travelin' Soldier"
9. Kellie Pickler, "I Wonder"
10. Trace Adkins, "Arlington"

OK... maybe if it was just "Songs that make me cry", that would have been easier. Some songs just touch my heart and I cry - but they don't necessarily make me sad. This list was harder than I thought. Also - interesting that most of these are country songs. Hrmph.
Current Music: Josh Turner, "Long Black Train"


Mags said...


(It's Thursday)


Laura said...

Songs that make me cry include half the songs that Chris put on the mix I asked him to make me.

He went all the way back into the first years of our relationship for some of those songs.

Most beautiful gift I think I've ever been given.