Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Don't read if you're tired of hearing about the wedding... :)

I have sooooooo much work do to and I can't focus on any of it to save my life.

I'm getting married in 3 days. Tomorrow - yes TOMORROW - is our rehearsal dinner. The whole thing seems so surreal right now, like at some point Steve is going to roll over and realize that I'm tossing and turning and wake me up from the awesome dream I'm having. We've been planning all of this for almost 2 years and now, in just 3 days, I'll be coming down the aisle in my purty white dress to get MARRIED. Steve will be standing there in his tux just patien... ok fine, anxiously waiting for me to come out the door while the strains of "Aria" by Bach echo through the gazebo (we're keeping a positive eye on the weather at this point).

I'm sure that you're all completely tired of hearing me talk about this, but tough titties because it's MY blog. I'm very excited. The anticipation is finally culminating into SOMETHING, which is just so cool. I feel like I could cry (tears of joy) at any minute because it's REALLY happening!

The thought that I'm going to have a husband as of about noontime this Saturday is something that to this point in my life has only been either a dream or some event far off in the distance that may or may not ever come. I'm going to be a wife, which is more than just a woman or a girlfriend or a fiancee. I'm going to be someone who is going to be looked to for strength, togetherness, and nurturing. At some point a wife transforms into a mother, and then there's a dual role of the utmost importance to contend with. Not just nurturing a relationship with your husband, but also engraining moral values and the ways of the world into impressionable lives.

So anyways... I should really get some work done since I'm leaving in 4 hours or so, but I can't focus. Every time I start to try to get some work done, I just keep thinking about the wedding.


Ben said...

Grats guys! Even though I'm not much for huge social events, I'm honored to be coming to your wedding :)

I'm also blessed to know you both, and have learned a ton from Steve's wisdom lately (although he keeps calling himself a noob). It's pretty clear to me that this wisdom isn't just his own, but coming from a relationship that's deepening. It's very exciting to watch, like when you were younger and like planted grass in a little styrofoam cup and a few weeks later it was... grass.

Danielle, having a husband is exciting but sometimes hard, especially when you're married to someone like me. If you ever need advice, I suggest you ask Jill, who makes it her priority to learn how to make her marriage better each year. Seriously, she reads books and meets with this old lady who's been married 50+ years. You are right in saying that these roles are of the "utmost importance", and I pray that you will continue to have this posture for many years to come!

"I'm nervous I'll get salad dressing on my dress during dinner or that I'll get grass stains during photographs."

PS Grass stains are sexy.

Mags said...

Does the countdown banner explode tomorrow at 11:30?