Monday, June 4, 2007

Not Much Longer

So in 5 days I'm going to be Mrs. Danielle Athanas. How WEIRD is that??? A good weird though.

On Friday (or maybe it was Thursday), Steve looked at me and said "We're getting married NEXT WEEK. When the heck did that happen?"

I woke up this morning and started going over my week in my head like I do every Monday morning when I wake up. And I thought to myself... holy crap. I'm getting MARRIED this weekend.

During the week, people that I'll run into who won't know that may say something like "Hey, what are your weekend plans?"

And as if it's nothing more than a routine weekend, I'll say "Oh, not much. Hanging out with my girlfriends on Friday night, getting married on Saturday, brunch with the family on Sunday. My family and my husband's family."

Yeah. My HUSBAND's family. I said it.

Anyways... and when I say that, people will be like "Oh! Did you say you're getting Married! That's so exciting! Congratulations!" and gush all over me. And I'll LOVE IT.

It's so interesting, because I don't feel nervous at all - I feel rather excited about the whole thing - but everyone keeps asking me if I'm nervous.

Well... before you ask, no, I'm not nervous. Not about marrying Steve anyways. I'm nervous about things like spilling juice on my gown during Communion or tripping over my gown on my way up and down the aisle because I'm a big klutz. I'm nervous I'll get salad dressing on my dress during dinner or that I'll get grass stains during photographs. I'm nervous about all the stupid crap.

At any rate I'm getting married in 5 days. Hopefully the week will fly right by. :)
Current Music: Eagles, "Life in the Fast Lane"


Kristin said...

I think we all have that worry.. Staining the dress or tripping (or my big one was fainting during the ceremony). You'll just fine.

BTW: Wicked cool about having communion during the ceremony. You didn't tell me about that. What a great idea! :-)

Laura said...

When you get there - all you see is him. Any quirks that happen become stories to pass down to the kids. :)

Mags said...

OMG? You're getting MARRIED!?!?!

;) Gush all you want-it's way exciting!!!

I suggest to your Maid of Honor (Does she read this) to bring along one of those on to go stain sticks-the ones that look like a pen...they're great for little spots that might "occur" and they work really well on wedding dresses.

But-that's why the important pictures are taken BEFORE you eat. LOL...

I can't wait to meet you and your HUSBAND!

Danielle said...

Kristin: Yes, Steve and I are doing a quiet Communion during the ceremony. :)

Laura: That won't be hard to do, just look at Steve. :)

Mags: My MoH brings EVERYTHING with her. She's always got a tide pen, safety pins, you name it. She's awesome. (As are my other BM's, who have also said that they'll have little things with them just incase).

Shannon said...

Danielle, your post reminded me of a dream I had a few days before our wedding. In my dream, I was in my wedding gown and walking up the path to the church when suddenly Tony came flying out of nowhere and tackled me to the ground. We did a Calvin and Hobbes style roll across the grass, and when I got up there were grass stains everywhere. Luckily Tony had Shout wipes in the pocket of his tux, and everything worked out fine. :)
Can't wait to see you two on Saturday!