Wednesday, June 13, 2007

There's no need to fear!

UNDERDOG is here!

So I just found out that they're making one of my favorite childhood cartoons - "Underdog - into a movie, and I'm excited about it because I'm a bigus dorkus. It's been made by Disney Studios, is due out at the beginning of August, and looks like it's going to be a live action movei. Anyone who wants to catch that with me at Chunky's on a Monday night when it comes out should let me know. :)

This summer is just bespeckled with awesome movie goodness, is my official decision. With Harry Potter, Transformers, The Simpsons, and a 4th installment to the Die Hard movies how can this be a bad summer for movies?

On a sadder note... Mr. Wizard died this week. The man who inspired thousands of kids from my generation and the Baby Boomer generation to get involved and excited about science will no longer be with us. However, I hope that his love for household science experiments will and has been carried on in the hearts of kids everywhere.
Current Music: Kenny Loggins, "Footloose"


Kristin said...

I'm in for Underdog. I saw the teaser for it and its a beagle so I'm totally in :-)

Kimberly Pye said...

Hopefully the Simpsons movie is old-school funny and not the "funny" that it is now.

Mags said...

Poor Mr. Wizard. I loved that dude.

James said...

I'm with the good Ms. Pye on this, I hope we aren't dissapointed!

Laura said...

I'm in for Underdog. I'm kinda hoping to see some Fractured Fairytale action, even though that was attached to Bullwinkle.