Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Five - "Do It Anyway..."

Here's a quick Friday 5. The questions are kind of quick this week, but oh well. Feel free to comment with your own answers if you feel so inclined.

What’s a gross food you like anyway?
I don't really eat a lot of things that people would consider gross. I would say that the closest thing to this would be escargot. I really enjoy escargot, which for those that don't know is snails. I had it so much in Jamaica... mmmm... with garlic butter... mmmm....

Who’s an unlikeable person you like anyway?
Uh... I can't think of anyone right now. And for those readers out there, I don't want any of you to say "Well I'm unlikeable, and you like me!" because you're all likeable people. Knock it off. Yes, you too.

What’s an unpleasant task you enjoy performing anyway?
I don't mind cleaning the bathroom. Or organizing bookcases. Both of which I need to get done in our apartment oddly enough. :)

What’s a dumb song you enjoy anyway?
Oh there's a lot of these. But to pick out just one... hmmmmmm....... OK. Got it. Laura, you'll appreciate this: "Scatman" by Scatman John. It's not dumb per se, but not many people know about it which could make it be considered a "dumb" song.

What’s a lousy restaurant you frequent anyway?
The only restaurant that I really frequent is T-Bones, and they're not at all lousy. A restaurant that a lot of people don't think is that great that I'd love to frequent a bit more often is the Grand China in Salem NH. I LOVE that place, but I know a lot of other people don't.
Current Music: Eddie Holman, "Hey There Lonely Girl" (Boy... this song is terrible...)


Kimberly Pye said...

I like
Gross food: Doritos X-13D Flavor Experiment (I LOVE these, and they happen to be the only Doritos with no partially hydrogenated oils!)
Unlikeable person: Martha Stewart
Unpleasant task: Cleaning the bathroom (but not when there's ferret poop)
Dumb song: "Goober Peas" by Burl Ives

Doug said...

Yellie, anytime you want company to Grand China, let me know..I LOVE that place

Maria said...

I have to agree with you about "Scatman" for the song. I loved that song back in high school, but it never got enough radio play. My Steve and I even played it at our wedding just cause.

Mags said...

Snails...grossed me out thinking about eating them...but once I tried 'em-not so bad.

But I think I'll just stick to mushrooms cooked in the same manner...they taste pretty much the same, but never had antennas.