Monday, July 23, 2007

Is it proper to say "my butt hurts"?

I had a great weekend this weekend... with 2 exceptions.

Friday night Steve and I had a pretty relaxing night. I wanted to do something a bit not what we usually do, so I took Steve to dinner at Clam Haven. Clam Haven is a place in Derry that we used to go to when I was a kid that has fried seafood, burgers, and some really tasty onion rings. I had chicken and shrimp and Steve had scallops and calamari. We ate on a picnic table and enjoyed the beautiful weather that we had on Friday night After that we went to the mall and got some pictures printed at Ritz to put in our honeymoon album and then came home and played some Mario Party 8. It was a pretty fun evening, and not long after that we went to bed.

Here's where exception number one comes in. I don't know if it was the oil that Clam Haven uses to cook their food or what, but I got the WORST pains of gas in my tummy and did not sleep well. I won't get into any more detail, but, we'll just say that I won't be eating at Clam Haven again any time soon. :) The food was tasty... but... yeah.

Saturday was also super fun. Kristin picked me up at 2:00 and we first picked up her copy of Harry Potter 7, then hit the highway and headed to Sterling for an all-wives henning. Kiki, Sarah, Kristin, and I had an awesome night just relaxing with a glass of wine, some take-out, and great company. They all pitched in and got me a gift to welcome me to the "wives club" - a copy of Emily Post's Etiquette, 17th edition. I was so surprised and actually kind of excited because I don't know much about etiquette besides that you're supposed to say "excuse me" if you burp and write thank-you cards in a prompt fashion (both of which are things I need to work on anyways!). They also got me a card that had 4 girls on it arm-in-arm, which kind of describes the 4 of us too so we each picked "who we were" on the front of the card and I have taped it up on the wall above my desk. Anyways, we had a great night hanging out and were all pooped by 10:30 - a testament to what living in a post-college world does to a person.

Here's where the second exception comes in. Sunday morning I woke up (we stayed the night in Sterling) and headed downstairs to get ready to leave. On about the 3rd stair from the top I slipped and proceeded to fall down the better part of the flight of stairs. At first I didn't think anything happened... then I went to sit down and it hurt pretty good. Sitting has been a bit of a chore ever since, but I'm sure I'll be OK in a few days.

The rest of Sunday was also pretty good. We went to lunch after church with some friends of ours to Sakura in Chelmsford, and that was a great time. Then we went and brought my Grampa his birthday gift and visited with them for a while. We went home and just kind of hung out the rest of the night.

All in all, not a terrible weekend.
Current Music: Johnny Rivers, "Poor Side of Town"

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Kimberly Pye said...

Mmm... tempura shrimp maki...

AND!! I ate a piece of raw tuna! It was a big weekend for me, too! :-P

Hope your bum de-purples soon!