Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day

Well - today was 80% a good day. Steve says 95%, but I disagree.

Got up this morning and went for my walk. I ended my walk and met Steve at Maddie's Bagel and Eatery where we got some bagels and came home. After that, we hopped in Little Car and headed over to the New Balance Factory Outlet where I got two new pairs of sneakers for my walking endeavors.

I'm actually super excited about my new sneaks. They're really comfortable, and we got both pairs for $70. We also bumped into my sister's friend Danny, which was OK too.

After sneaker shopping, we went to Quizno's and grabbed some subs. Then we drove 20 minutes in Little Car to Winnekenni Castle in Haverhill for a picnic by the water. It was really nice; there was a family fishing near where we sat, you could hear the kids having fun at the playground, and there were some people playing tennis that were having a great time too. We ate our subs and chatted for a bit, then Steve did some reading while I did some crocheting. It was actually super relaxing. Here's a picture of us mid-relaxing (the sun was in my eyes a bit, but really - we were having a good time!).

On the way to the picnic - we drove by an auto accident where we saw our friend from college Sean F. (who became an EMT) tending to the people involved. We commented on this as we drove by, and once again affirmed that it would really stink if the next time we saw Sean was if we were ever in an accident.

I'm never, EVER, saying anything like that again.

After we left the picnic, we headed out following the signs for 110. I missed a turn, and ended up down some side streets I didn't recognize. I was at a stop sign - fully stopped - looked, didn't see anyone (there was a wall to my left, and a clear shot to my right) and started to proceed again.

The next thing I know, there's a red '93 Lexus in front of me, and I don't have time to stop. Corolla, meet Lexus' passenger side door at 15 MPH. You never want your car to make out with another car, but sometimes it happens. I've been in accidents before - but never my fault. I. Was. A. Mess.

I back up (my exhaust sounds TERRIBLE!), park the car, she pulls over. We all get out (we're all OK) and Steve goes ahead and calls the police while she calls her dad (she lived like, 4 houses away). First people on the scene - TRINITY EMS BABY!!! And who, of all people, comes OUT of the Trinity EMS truck? If you guessed Sean - you were SO RIGHT!!! Of course - I'm a crying mess, Steve's taking care of a) calming me down (yeah right) and b) getting my information to the girl who's car I've hit. Everyone refuses treatment (I was the only one even remotely injured because I hit my head on the B-pillar, but I was fine) and Sean tells us that if we want to come visit him when we're done with the police he's right down the street.

As much as I would love to have played catch-up with Sean, all I wanted to do was go home. I hopped in the back (passenger's side door doesn't open so well right now) and Steve drove my poor Little Car home.

Little Car is in the driveway now, looking all sad. Insurance dudes will come this week and we're praying (VERY VERY HARD) that it's not totalled. The frame is a bit off, and the whole front end is ka-put. We're very grateful that no one was hurt, and pray that the girl who we hit doesn't get totalled either. Here's a picture of my poor Little Car looking all sad in the driveway.

On the way home, Steve was absolutely determined to cheer me up because we had been having such a fun, relaxing day at that point. I give him a million A+'s for his efforts, and am truly appreciative of my husband. We got home, I called the insurance company and filled out the police report. Then Steve still determined to have a good day offered to take me to the grocery store so that we could get some things we needed. We did, and I've decided that going grocery shopping with your husband can be a fun time. We picked out some things we want for dinner this week and found something amazing. This completely made our day.

We turned down the Ethnic Food aisle (I like to hit every aisle incase I see anything I need) and there... on the bottom shelf next to a steel support beam... partially hidden from view... was TING!!!!

What is Ting? Well... it's an amazing soda that we got in Jamaica and have been trying to find it ever since we got home. We've checked every ethnic food aisle in the stores we go to, and did not find it until today. Here is Ting, in all it's awesomeness:

Then we went and picked up a pizza. I sulked some more and Steve told me to stop it because we're all safe, we're all OK, and accidents happen. Sure, my car might get totalled (the more we look at it the more we think there might be a good chance, but we'll see) but there are worse things. That could have happened at a higher speed, there could have been bad injuries, but none of that happened. I'm just thankful that everyone is safe, and pray that no one's car gets totalled.

On the upside - I did get ample opportunity to enjoy the weather today, no one is hurt, and I got to see an old friend for 5 minutes.

Now I'm going to go read or crochet or something so I can go to bed early. Hope you all had great Labor Days and did something to enjoy the weather!


Maria said...

Yikes. That sucks about your car. I am glad that you guys are ok though and that you enjoyed the rest of the day.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Oh man, car accidents do majorly suck. Glad you and your husband are okay though.

Kat said...

I just came across your blog and was immediately drawn in. I just wanted to say that I am sorry to hear about the accident but sure am glad that you and your husband as well as the girl also involved are okay.
I can only imagine what you are going through and sorry to hear about Little Car being badly damged. Will keep my fingers x-ed and hope it is not totalled. xoxo Kat

Doug said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh Man....Sorry hun! Glad you guys are OK.
- Christyn

Mags said...

Danielle: Please don't ever make a prediction about me unless it rocks, ok? Cause you've got some funky power going on!

(Sorry about the accident, but glad you're both ok!)