Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Simple Pleasures

My friend Laura got me thinking about simple pleasures with one of her own journal entries last week. Here are some of mine; and I'm throwing out an invitation of sorts to everyone to either post in your journal some simple pleasures, or leave a comment here. Yes, that means you too.

Then, I challenge all of you to make sure you enjoy at least one of your simple pleasures over the next week. After all, it's the little things in life that bring the most smiles to a person's face.

Some of Danielle's Simple Pleasures:
- Reading a book
- A warm cup of chai tea
- A morning walk
- Singing in the car
- Curling up on the couch, wrapped in an afghan, watching a movie
- Macaroni & Cheese (in most of its forms)
- Playing a rousing game of 45's
- The Cosby Show
- Crocheting
- Snuggling into Steve's arms
- New office supplies
- Soup and Grilled Cheese
- Baking

How about you?
Current Music: Rascal Flatts, "Words I Couldn't Say"


Mags said...

I usually do a post like this every 6 months or so-thank you for reminding me to remember these! I'll say:

Feeling the cool autumn air on your face while walking.

Warm apple cider

A soft kiss

Warm cinnamon buns

A hot shower and smooth freshly shave legs

Making my niece laugh

Snuggling in bed in the morning, being lazy for just a few more minutes.

Mags said...

I'm adding peanut butter cups.

Steve Athanas said...

Simple pleasures:

Waking up in the morning, late, with nowhere to be, and nothing to do, and having your wife in your arms to not go there and not do that with.

John said...

having nothing to do and organizing the house

pizza + football/bball

Mags said...

I'm also adding crispy garlicy bread.

Hmmm...I think I'm figuring out why my butt is so big. LOL

But also, the sound a book makes when you're the first person who opens it.

I could go on forever. Really. So I'll stop now.

Danielle A. said...

Mags: You take pleasure in a lot. That's pretty admirable. :)

Steve: Your wife is quite a lucky lady. ;)

John: I can appreciate your pizza + football. There IS something to that. :)

John said...

don't forget crepes

Laura said...

Making pancakes for Chris.

Playing hostess.

Taking five minutes to make someone else laugh.

Finding money in an old coat.

Doug said...

the sound a golf ball makes when it falls into the cup. (depending on how many shots it took to make it there)

opening theme song to the office

how my wife uses my arm as a pillow when we are on the couch

how quiet it is outside after a heavy snowfall

Kstar said...

a nice warm cup of tea

watching my husband sleep

reading a book on the couch

naps on Sundays during Pats games

when Rosie snuggles next to me

a warm shower

my blanket