Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday Randomness

- Doug asked me about the Boeing 787: Anything new in terms of features for passengers? Well Doug, I'm glad you asked. There are actually a few things:
1. Because of the composite materials, the cabin will be able to be pressurized to 6000 ft. rather than 8000 ft. This will allow for greater humidity and a more comfortable passenger environment.
2. The cabin will be 15" wider than other competing aircraft, allowing for slightly larger seats, slightly larger aisles, and a larger more handicapped accessible bathroom.
3. The windows will be taller than the windows on other competing aircraft (18.5" tall). And...
4. The overhead bins will be a bit larger as well, allowing 4 roll-away bags to be stowed in the overhead compartments (I think the standard is 3 right now...?).

- Little Car is probably going to get FIXED!!! That is so exciting for me. Hopefully we won't have issues with it in the long run.

- People at insurance companies and police stations lighten up if you tell them they're interrupting you when you try to ask questions and use a little bit of humor.

- I like having new sneakers.

- I did not win Mega Millions on Friday. Oh well.

- I'm going to be crocheting some scarves so my friend Kimberly can give them to her brother, who is going to Denmark to be homeless for the winter. Anyone care to join in her endeavor?

- There's something to be said for having to carpool with people. I've chatted more in the last 3 days with 2 of my co-workers than I think I would have otherwise.

- There's also something to be said for NOT taking your own private mode of transport for granted.

- Sometimes, people just want you to listen.


Kimberly Pye said...

I, also, did not win Mega Millions. I was going to have to split it 18 ways. Not bad, though.

Thanks for the homeless brother plug! He's in Denmark now, but he's not homeless for a while.

Kat said...

The carpooling does sound like a neat idea. I do enjoy this every once in a while but I also love to go in the car by myself. There's nothing to wake me up better than to sing along. People might think I am nuts when they pass me but it is so much fun.

Doug said...

Unfortunately, environment be damned - I hate carpooling. I hate being stuck without my car. It is the one and only thing that makes me feel clostrophobic. Im not talking about just making me talking full on anxiety about it. I feel so trapped without my own car at work, or long trips from home (1hour +) Maybe its the lack of control or something. Weird, huh?

Thanks for answering!!! Are they putting LCD TVs in the back of the chairs like they do on Song or JetBlue? That is the greatest feature known to man on an airplane! Well, except for all of those little saftey features and stuff.

Danielle A. said...

That's up to the airline. That's one of those airline-specific features that's out of Boeing's hand for a basic design.