Thursday, November 8, 2007

Six Things You May (or May Not) Know About Moi.

I got tagged by loyal reader Kat over at My Two Cents for this meme a few days ago and am finally getting around to it. I'm to give you six facts about myself, and some of you may or may not already know these things. I'm not going to tag anyone because most people I know who would do this have already done it. Here goes...

Danielle Factoid 1:
When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher and towards the end of my college life I better honed that and wanted to be a guidance counselor. I put that aside because I needed a job and ended up where I am now "selling airplane parts". I still considered guidance counseling though, and about a year or so ago began toying with the idea of quitting my job and going back to school full-time to pursue that. I made the decision to stick with airplane parts in the spring of this year, and am glad I did.

Danielle Factoid 2:
My new "dream", if you will, is that Steve and I will be able to have me be a stay-at-home mom in a couple-few years when we have kids.

Danielle Factoid 3:
There was a period right before I turned 18 that I considered getting a tattoo around my bellybutton. Better sense prevailed and I didn't - thank goodness because a) I went to college and put on the freshman pounds (which I kept at an even number and am now trying to drop) and b) imagine what it would look like when I have kids!!

Danielle Factoid 4:
I have NEVER been able to do a cartwheel, and in fact I can't even do a forward roll which is the most basic of tumbling. No matter what they did in gym class I just couldn't get it and ended up on my side rolling over like a dog. It was the saddest thing. I got made fun of for it for a few years whenever it came up in gym until the kids realized that no amount of picking on me was going to make a forward roll happen.

Danielle Factoid 5:
I have a strange love for Chevy Corvettes, and it's 100% purely based on two things. The first is that I think it's a really sleek looking car and has a lot of great lines to it. I absolutely love how it looks as a sports car above any other sports car (I know that a lot of people are going to think I'm crazy for that, but oh well). The second is that it's one of the few sports cars that comes with an automatic transmission, and I can't drive standard.

Danielle Factoid 6:
I've been told that I'm a freak of nature. I was born and bred in New England - Eastern MA to be exact, part-time on the North Shore too - and I can't stand lobster or clam chowder. In fact, I only recently started to acquire a taste for any sort of seafood at all.

There. You may or may not have known those 6 things, but they're 6 things about me that I've now revealed. There are lots more, but that's what I thought of this morning.

Have a great Thursday!
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Steve Athanas said...

This post is meaningless! I knew every one of these things! Tell me something new! Fraud!

Danielle A. said...

Nope. I said you may or may not know them. You happen to know them - big shocker. :)

Mags said...

Shoot! I completely forgot about this tag! Rats...I'll have to do it soon.

And yes, I now get the joke. :)

I checked your blog too early today.

Laura said...

I am with you on the lobster and clam chowder. I'm not much for seafood.

(Salmon is great, though!)

Maria said...

I want to be a stay-at-home mom too (especially with the way my job has been going lately), but I don't think it's going to happen. :(

Kat said...

Some great facts about you. I had clam chowder when I first came to the US and I fell in love with it. I could stuff my face with it every day. is so unfair.

Kat said...

Some great facts about you. I had clam chowder when I first came to the US and I fell in love with it. I could stuff my face with it every day. is so unfair.