Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Survey Says...

Some things that have made me giggle today:

- I just did one of those surveys that come at the bottom of your receipt when you go shopping. This was for Wal*Mart from when I went there to get Christmas stuff on Saturday. There's actually a SEPARATE question that asks "Are you of Hispanic or Latino origin?". If you say no to that, the next question asks what ethnic background you are - and does not present the Hispanic/Latino origin in that list of answers.

- My boss has offered me a clementine two days in a row now, which is awesome - but at the same time random.

- Jiffy Pop. It gets puffy.

- The "What Not to Crochet" blog I found randomly. It's pretty funny, so you should check it out: click here

- My colleague John saying it's going to be an interesting week in between Christmas and New Year's with the only people working being "2 smart-@$$ kids and an ancient Irishman".

- Some of the things that people crochet that are just absolutely ridiculous - and I found out about them before I found that blog above. Kimberly knows.

- This... poor Kelly Pickler... (thanks for this one, Josh)


Kat said...
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Kat said...

OMG who is this Kelly Pickler girl? Is she for real? "I thought Europe was a country"????? She singlehandedly combines all stereotypes. Thank you for the laugh. I almost peed myself.

Kimberly Pye said...

About me knowing: I wish I didn't.

Maybe it's because I got up a lot earlier than usual this morning, but "It gets puffy" actually made me laugh out loud in my crazy li'l cube-y. And now I want Jiffy Pop. I wonder if we can work some Jiffy Pop into our fabtastic weekend?

Oh. And last night I had the most bonkers dream about LLBean. So bonkers, in fact, I may even blog about it today. Stay tuned.

Oh, and thanks for getting all caught up on commenting on my blog. I've missed you dearly. Even Dan noticed last night that no one comments on my blog anymore. I told him that's because you were the only one who ever did, and you've been blocked at work. So thanks. I appreciate your commenting!

Doug said...

Kelly Pickler = teh hotness

I find her southern drawl to be quite charming.

She could use a geography lesson or two. But if you have heard anything about her background, you could understand why she his missed her share of school days. Can't say she doesn't have a good attitude. Infact, I was thinking India off the top of my head when I saw the question....guess I would have gone home as well!