Thursday, December 6, 2007

Itchin' for a Concert

I haven't been to a concert in a few years. I think that the last concert I went to was the Barenaked Ladies and Alanis Morrisette a few years ago. I LOVE going to concerts, the darn problem is that they're just so expensive. To go to a concert at my favorite place to see a concert (the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom) is usually about $30-40 per ticket depending on who's playing. Then forget it if you want to buy a tee-shirt, or water, or anything really. By the time it's said and done, for two people to go to a concert will run you about $150ish dollars (can't forget about parking).

That said, I've been pretty selective about what concerts I would like to go to. Some of the problem is that Steve isn't a fan of concerts - he prefers to go to comedy shows, which thankfully I also greatly enjoy - and I don't know many people that like the same bands/groups that I like. Granted, I haven't asked around - there might be someone willing to go to my 5th or 6th Goo Goo Dolls concert with me (I saw them 4 or 5 times in college, once right in the front AND met them after a show). The Goo Goo Dolls are one of my absolute favorite bands to see in concert, they put on such a good show. Another one of my favorite people to see in concert is Weird Al Yankovic. He dresses in the same costumes for his concerts as he wears for the music videos, and he plays a great variety of old and new stuff. I've seen him... er, twice I think.

There are also three concerts I would love to go to, but to go would REALLY empty my wallet. They are:
- Aerosmith. I don't even know if they're touring/playing anymore, and I am jealous of anyone who has ever seen them live. They are one of the greatest bands (arguably) and I would bet money that they put on an amazing show.
- Garth Brooks. This one is tough for a couple of reasons. 1) The expensive factor, he's one of the most popular shows ever when he goes on tour. 2) He's not touring right now and isn't doing much until his daughters are done with high school. So I wait.
- Billy Joel. Problem is that usually when he's touring his tickets can run $100, and I usually have a hard time justifying that kind of an expense.

Incidentally, I did find this YouTube video this morning of Weird Al doing "Yoda" in concert. There aren't enough Hawaiian shirts in this audience (anyone who's ever been to a Weird Al concert gets that). There's also a clip of the Goo Goo Dolls singing "Big Machine" live (it's what they opened with the last time I saw them - AWESOME).

So the long and short of it - I'm itching to go to a concert. I love the energy, I love the singing along, I wanna go. The other problem - it's not concert season anymore really.

Oh well... I'll wait for next year's HBCB schedule. Maybe someone fun will go along.


Dan said...

I saw Aerosmith when I was 13 in Old Orchard Beach (with my mom!). It was their Nine Lives tour and despite already being up there in age, they played for nearly three hours straight. It really was an amazing show.

Kimberly also happens to be a huge fan of both Weird Al and Billy Joel. It sounds like you may have some potential concert buddies in the Pye family...

Doug said...

$30-40 seems reasonable to me for a concert. Looking on ticketmaster, most touring shows are more than that. Seeing as you would spend that amount going out for a nice dinner and a movie..i guess it comes down to if you really want to see them. You only live once, might as well have fun =P

Kat said...

I agree with only live once but I know what you mean.
Personally I don't really like concerts. I am usually disappointed by the singing, the noise, the show and to me its not really worth the money. I am all for comedy shows as well.