Thursday, February 14, 2008

Comic Review - Jeff Dunham

For Steve and I, sometimes there's no more relaxing way to spend the evening than to plop on the couch and watch some stand-up comedy. Between Netflix and what's offered on Comcast's On-Demand, we usually are able to do this. A while back, we caught Jeff Dunham on one of the shorter 24 minute Comedy Central Presents episodes and thought he was pretty good. Then last weekend, our friend Jared came over and brought with him "Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself".

Why is this title amusing? Jeff Dunham is a ventriloquist, and a darn funny one at that.

Steve and I laughed hard enough when we saw "Arguing with Myself" that we put another special to the top of our Netflix queue and watched it last night. And we laughed even harder. Jeff does a great job with his various characters and does a wonderful job making it seem like they're talking to him. A great example of this is when he makes two of his puppets talk to each other in Spanish.

"Could you guys not do that?"
"Why not?"
"Be... because I don't speak Spanish and I feel left out."

After that line, he makes both puppets turn and look at him like he's crazy.

We've seen three episodes of Jeff Dunham now, and that's more than enough for us to decide that if he ever comes around - we'll definitely be heading out to see him live. Here's an example of one of his segments with one of Steve & I's favorites: Walter. Walter is a grumpy old man who's been married for 47 years. Enjoy.

*Warning - there is a bit of swearing, so if you can get past that he's hilarious.*

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