Saturday, February 2, 2008

Spazzy Updates

- Started Thing-A-Day last night. Thing One is a granny square afghan to donate to Soldiers' Angels, who will give it to a wounded veteran at a VA hospital. It's coming along nicely, and what's neat about it is that because I started it for a purpose I don't feel like it's mine at all. This means that no matter how nice it gets... I won't get attached to it. Of note is that I also learned how to Granny Square last night thanks to my fabulous teacher Kimberly. Here's the beginning of it; I've now finished through the blue section shown, added another cream, and started another burgundy:

Kimberly is also working on a blanket for war vets. Hers is also coming along nicely, and it'll be awesome to ship them out when they're done.

- I have no idea what I'm going to make today (read: tonight because today is busy). The themes are: War, Follow Instructions, Crossroads, and Shoot it Again. I figure, if I get to stuck on trying to be creative I can just crochet something; if I follow a pattern, that falls into Follow Instructions. I'm saying this because I'm open to suggestions. **grins**

- I've decided to apply for my MBA. I'm applying to Daniel Webster College's MBA for Aviation Professionals program, and the next round of classes starts April 14th. The good news is that I don't have to take my GMAT. The bad news is I have to write an essay that's 4000 words or less about my skills and what I can contribute to the educational process/aviation world. What I want to write: "I already work for an Aerospace company. Please let me in? Please?". But that won't work. I'm actually really excited about this and hope that I get accepted.

- On second thought, if I work on my essay - that could count as "Crossroads"...

- Crazy is when you're standing in your driveway, and a truck comes barreling out of nowhere and crashes through your landlords' fence. Crazier is when instead of sticking around to own up to it, they drive away. Even crazier is when you have the realization that if it had been a minute and a half earlier - that would have been you crashing through the fence because they would have pushed you through it since you had JUST been where they were.

- For those who are wondering... the poll results from last month (Who do you think will be the next US President?) were:
---Obama: 5 votes (27%)
---Giuliani/Clinton: 4 votes each (22% each)
---Romney/McCain/Edwards: 1 vote each
---Other: 3 votes
Be sure to vote in this month's poll!!!


Kimberly Pye said...

Oh, what a jerk. I can't believe he/she drove away.

What's the sound of a fence being eaten?

I know! I know!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Good luck with the MBA program! That would be totally awesome if you got in.

And that truck would have scared the crap out of me.