Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gone with the Wind

Ladies, picture this if you will... Gentlemen, pretend you're the beau in this story.

You're walking with your beau through the streets of London on a lovely date. You've just had dinner at a wonderful restaurant, a feast of luscious Fish N' Chips followed up with a wonderful dessert of tea and cake (bear with me - I've never been to England and have a limited knowledge of what they serve. I only know what they have at Epcot in Disneyworld). You look at him and are filled with love; you know in your heart he's the one you'd love to spend the rest of your life with.

As you walk hand in hand down the streets of London talking about life, you look in your beau's eyes and can see that there's something on his mind. You stop walking, turn, and grab both of his hands. You look in his eyes and ask him if there's something on his mind, something he'd like to talk about.

He looks back at you, full of love and concern. He begins to profess to you that you are his whole life, that he can't imagine living with you in his world. You complete him, and he hopes that you can share your life with him for all of eternity. You are filled with love and anticipation, watching his hands and hoping that this is it. You wonder if he'll reach into his pocket for the engagement ring...

And then it happens.

He tells you he had a whole elaborate plan to propose to you tonight. He tells you of the $12,000.00 (USD) ring he saved up for and purchased. He tells you about how he put it in a balloon, a helium filled balloon, thinking it would be super sweet if he gave you a balloon and pin and then you popped the balloon and the $12,000.00 ring fell out. Then... he tells you about how when he left the balloon shop with the helium-filled balloon containing this gorgeous $12,000.00 ring, a gust of wind came and lifted the balloon into the sky.

The ring is gone forever, he tells you. Maybe some kind soul will find this popped balloon somewhere and wonder if that's the deflated/popped balloon with the ring in it and maybe find the ring and get it back to him somehow. But... will you marry him anyways, because the loss of a $12,000.00 in a helium-filled balloon in no way decreases how much he loves you.

And... scene

I promise you I did not make this up. Well, I kind of did for blogging purposes but the loss of a $12,000.00 ring in a helium balloon really did happen. This guy isn't getting married any time soon... he has to save up and get a new ring first.

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Kat said...

Oh dear if it wasn't so sad it would be hilarious. The poor guy. LOL Thanks for digging up and sharing that story.