Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tackle-It Tuesday - The Laundry Room

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

The purge and reorg continues...

Last night I spent about an hour and a half reorganizing and purging stuff out of the laundry room. I reorganized cabinets, the ledge and shelves where we store stuff, and even ironed a shirt that I was supposed to iron last week. There are a couple of things that still need to be gone through (I'll point them out as I go through the series of pictures) but the pile of stuff to go to the Salvation Army is continuing to grow. At any rate... without further ado...

The Laundry Room - Before and After Series

Full Shot: Before

(You might not notice much difference in the next few pictures. They are, after all, storage. But trust me, they're reorganized. If you look at them as a series you'll notice stuff missing and other stuff just generally in different spots.)

Above the Washer/Dryer - Before & After

Game Cabinet - Before & After

Third Cabinet - Before & After

And now for the grand finale shot... **drum roll**

Full Shot - After

So that's that. Like I said, there's still a bit of purging to do in that room. For example, there's a giant stack of manuals for various appliances that we probably don't need anymore just taking up space in there. Steve's going to look through those and make a decision at some point.

As for next week's tackle... not sure what I'm doing yet. I have a couple of ideas in mind but we'll see as it gets closer.


Mama Russell said...

Great job! The pictures should make you feel good; you get to see how all of your hard work paid off!

Niki said...

Great tackle!


Kat said...

You have no idea how much inspiration is in your Tackle-It Tuesday post's. If I was home now I would get straight to work cleaning out our rooms.

For now I will use the inspiration and clean space in my old room at my parents. Thank you as usual for the wonderful post and a great job you did too!

Laurie said...

Very nice! You have a HUGE laundry room! *jealous*

jientje said...

Neat job! You make my hands itch to tackle someting else around my house!

Lynne said...

Great tackle! I love getting rid of stuff, just wish I'd do it more often!

Dawn- Sweet Pea Cakes, Etc. Blog said...

After seeing the awesome job you did, I think I better try to tackle my to do list that I have hid on my desk!

Great tackle!

Jennifer said...

Looks great! Purging and organizing always feels good... too bad I don't do it more often. I think I have some straggler manuals taking up cupboard space as well.

Doug said...

I have plenty to tackle at my apartment, if you are running out of ideas =P

The Apron Queen said...

Late making my rounds. Awesome tackle! Stop by to see the progress on my sunflowers.

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