Sunday, May 4, 2008

"I Am Batman"

The results are in for the April poll! You all voted and decided that classic is best - the most awesome Batman is Adam West. Here are the results:

Which of these actors made the best Batman? (15 total votes)
Winner: Adam West - 5 votes (33%)
Michael Keaton - 4 votes (26%)
Christian Bale - 4 votes (26%)
Val Kilmer - (13%)
Zero votes for Lewis Wilson (the first Batman who probably none of us have ever heard of) and George Clooney (who I think we all agree should never have been cast for the part in the first place).

Here's Adam West in action. Be sure to vote in this month's poll, now posted off to the right.


Kimberly Pye said...

Ha! Guess what?! I've never seen any of those cartoons! I guess that's what happens when a person is born at the end of '84 and then doesn't get a TV until well into grade school. :-\

Ben said...

Wow, back when batman was a good statesman instead of just an agent of destruction! His rhetoric is flawless!