Friday, May 16, 2008

So Silly...

I'll admit. I have a whole blog post drafted about Arlen Specter and Spygate. But that can wait until another time.

Today is Friday, May 16 2008. Today is the day that the New Kids on the Block appeared on the "Today" show and were originally supposed to announce their reunion. I'll be honest, I was kind of hoping they'd come out and perform one of their new songs because I listened to the clip on their website and it seemed kind of fun and catchy.

Instead... here is the first clip that I found:

The NKOTB busted onto Rockefeller Plaza and sang... their old hits. In a medley. And I cannot BELIEVE that Joey actually busted out the old hat with no tap. So silly. And what the heck is with the dancing chicks??? New Kids on the Block don't have DANCING CHICKS!! A few minutes later I did find a clip of their new song "Summertime" and I can totally see myself downloading that on the old iTunes (iTunes... New Kids on the Block NEW MUSIC on iTunes... speaking of things I never thought I'd hear myself say) and blasting it in Lil' Car this summer.

My final analysis... I was VERY close to buying tickets the other day. And, if someone wants to go with me and is willing to spend $71 for the ticket I would probably consider it. Just for fun and because I never went to a concert as a kid, I think it could be neat to go. But there was something about seeing them sing those old songs and seeing all the 25-35 year old girls who SKIPPED WORK to go to Rockefeller Plaza IN THE RAIN wearing their old NKOTB hats (yep... the black ones with the neon green and pink screenprinting... I had one too) and sporting the old pins the size of their head...

I'm too old for boy band mania. Especially a boy band who are now all in their late 30's, married, and have children.

(Here's a clip of one of their new songs. I like it, possibly better than some of their old stuff. Also, I would have been thrilled had they busted out into some "Cover Girl". Just sayin'.)

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Ben said...

That's pretty sad. I don't know whether to sing along or cry.

And you're right, the dancing girls, meh.