Saturday, June 14, 2008

Do You Swap?

Now that I'm swapped out for a bit, I thought I'd share with you some of the interesting things I've gotten in the various swaps I've been in recently. For those that missed it... I've gotten involved in something called "Craft Swapping". Basically, it's an activity where you sign up for a swap, get paired up with someone, and then make and exchange gifts based on the theme and guidelines. Here are the swaps I've been involved with:

Fill-A-Box Swap: In this swap, you get a flat-rate box from the post office and fill it up with all sorts of fun crafting supplies that your partner can use. I don't remember everything I sent, but here's a snapshot of what I got. I was most thrilled with the cotton yarn as to that point I didn't really have very much:

Coasters Anyone? Swap: In this swap, the only guideline was to make your partner a set of 4 coasters. I sent out a set of 4 crocheted emoticon coasters (using the yellow cotton pictured above) with some coaster related goodies. In return, my partner sent me a set of 4 pink and blue mosaic coasters with some other coaster related goodies:

Dishalicious Dishcloth Swap: For this one, the guidelines were to send your partner 2 knit or crocheted dishcloths. I sent two different crocheted dishcloths to my partner, and in return I got 2 knitted ones in a pretty dark green color; one with a neat pattern and the other with a Mickey Mouse shadow:

Ongoing Wish Swap: I got a few different things in this swap. The idea with the Ongoing Wish Swap is that you claim something off of the wish list of the person at the bottom of the thread, and then you post your wish list. Then someone else claims you, etc. etc. etc. I got and sent three different swap packages in this one. Here are the three that I received:
Cotton yarn, a bookmark, and some fun scissors:

Homemade Notecards and Envelopes:

A whole buncha yarn! Mostly cotton, but also some neat wool:

Super Sea Swap: This is the last swap I received from. I sent a whole buncha stuff that I made, including a fish shaped bag, an octopus, a tea wallet, and some other stuff. We also sent each other some candy from our area; me from New England and hers from Seattle, WA. Here's a big shot of ALL the stuff I received:

Incase you're wondering what the things in the back are, they're sea monster tentacles. Here they are attacking our fishtank:

So that's all the swaps I've done for now. What's really neat about these things to me is that I now have stuff I've made all over the country. I have sent stuff to Washington, Minnesota, Michigan, Vermont, and Massachusetts that I've made. I've sent supplies to Arkansas and one other state I can't remember. That's what really cool about it. I'll be swapping again in mid-late July - and organizing too! I'm going to be the next organizer for the Fill-A-Box swap, which should be pretty interesting. It's quite fun, and I'm glad I started to do it (and so is the US Postal Service).

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jill Holt said...

Wow! You've received lots of goodies! The only swappy thing I have done is swap books on check it out if you haven't. You put up books you want to get rid of and books you kinda want...and get notified when there is a match!