Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Life is like a hurricane..."

Alrighty everyone! Time for the results of the May Poll. We had a total of 15 people who voted a total of 28 selections. Clearly we had some old-school Disney Afternoon fans voting this month. Here are the cartoons you picked in the order of most to least votes:

Which of these 80's Cartoons should return?
- Winner: Ducktales (7 votes)
- Thundercats (6 votes)
- Transformers (4 votes)
- The Real Ghostbusters (4 votes)
- Smurfs (3 votes)
- He-Man/She-Ra (2 votes)
- Snorks (1 vote)
- Wuzzles (1 vote)

Since I have no control over Disney or the channels that aired the Disney Afternoon, here's a clip from Ducktales that I found on our old friend, YouTube. This is the best I can do for you, friends.

I should also mention that the linked cartoons above take you to Why? Because they are available on DVD. So while the chances are slim to none that there will be a reprise of these cartoons on the air, you can still enjoy them after school (work) in the comfort of your living room.

New poll will be up soon for the month of June.

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silverneurotic said...

Oh, I used to watch Duck Tails all the time, that and Tail Spin...and the Rescue Rangers...etc.