Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"I Speak for the Trees"

Sorry for the delay on the poll reporting, folks!

The June poll closed last week... here are the results:

Which Dr. Seuss Character (of these) was your favorite? 16 total votes
Winner The Lorax (5 votes, 31%)
Sam I Am (2 votes, 12%)
The Cat in the Hat (2 votes, 12%)
The Grinch (2 votes, 12%)
Horton (2 votes, 12%)
Cindy Lou Who (2 votes, 12%)
Sam I Am's "Friend" (1 vote, 6%)

I suppose in this time of increasing environmental awareness, I'm not entirely surprised to see the Lorax with such a resounding victory. A furry little fellow who inspires children to speak for the trees and take care of their environment, not only is it a classic Dr. Seuss story but it's an applicable one as well.

July's poll is up in the sidebar. Make sure to vote and tell your friends! I've got more updates up my sleeve for the coming days too, so the unexpected hiatus will end shortly.

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KStar said...

I love your polls. I look forward to them every month :-)