Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pie in the Sky

On Steve's birthday, we had a bunch of people over to hang out and instead of cooking or having a pot-luck we just ordered a bunch of pizzas from Sal's. Once everything was said and done... we had 2 full pizzas left over. I had pizza for lunch every day for 2 straight weeks (no, I'm not kidding - one slice of pizza is a tasty lunch). By the time I had eaten the last piece, I was looking forward to our weekend away to Vermont so I could have NOT pizza.

The Friday we got there we were hungry, and Steve said "What do you think about Pie in the Sky for dinner?"

Initial reaction: Guh, pizza?

Steve handed me the menu to look over for a few minutes to decide between that and a Thai place we had passed. I figured I'd ought to give the menu a fair shot since Pie in the Sky had been so highly recommended to us and they do serve more than pizza. Which I was sick of.

Or so I thought.

They have a few specialty pizzas there and one of them immediately caught my eye: the Blond Vermonter. I knew I had to have it, and no longer would I be sick of pizza. I was right.

The Blond Vermonter is a thin crust pizza brushed with olive oil, then covered in a layer of Vermont cheddar cheese (likely Cabot), then sprinkled with sliced ham and topped off with a layer of Vermont apples. I know it sounds weird - but trust me, it was one of the most amazing pizzas I have ever eaten. There's just the right mixture of more bitter tastes with the sharp cheddar, a salty bite with the ham, and the balance is sealed with the sweetness of the juicy apples. It's then cooked by a talented fellow in a wood-fire brick pizza oven, and served on a wooden pizza board.

The Blond Vermonter, in all of its delicious glory

I ordered a small (Steve had spotted chicken marsala on the menu, and he's kind of a sucker for it) and it was bigger than I had thought it would be (it says 12", but really it was more like 13" or 14"). When Steve finished the chicken from the marsala, he passed on the pasta because there was no way I could finish the pizza myself - and it was too wonderful to pass up. I now think that at some point in time I'll be making Steve and I a pizza like this at home. It might well have made its way on to my comfort food list. If you're ever in Stowe VT, stop by Pie in the Sky and try this amazing pizza.


Kat said...

Neat idea. It looks delicious too. An intriguing combination.

After all a Hawaiian Pizza has ham and pineapple on it and that's working well.

Anonymous said...

ok...now I'm hungry. Where can I get one of those in central Illinois?!!

Nigel and Danielle said...

hhmmm...baby wants some.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the ham, it sounds really tasty!

Brook said...

mmmm that actually sounds sick and wonderful all at the same time! I love cold Pizza....