Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sudden Rain

The weather here in New England this summer has been kind of bizarre for this area of the country. The old addage "if you don't like the weather in New England, wait a minute" has really been fulfilled.

This morning I woke up and saw the sun and a clear blue sky grinning at me through the window, politely asking me to throw on some walking shoes and a baseball cap and come for a walk. I accepted the invitation and went outside, the sun glistening down upon me and the birds chirping. I came home after 1.34 miles and was glad I did.

This afternoon, to take a study break I decided to go to the drugstore. I noticed on one side of our driveway the clouds were beginning to look menacing while the friendliness of the morning skies was still off on the other. When I came out of the drugstore I felt a stronger wind picking up and noticed that the grocery store had sent their baggers outside with umbrellas to help the little old ladies inside. Thunder in the distance, and halfway to my car a lightning bolt came down somewhere far behind the Grand China restaurant. One drop... two drops...

As I closed the door to my car, the skies opened up and let loose a flurry of the biggest raindrops I've seen in a while. Thunder crashing, lightning dancing across the sky, giant puddles forming in the road and sidewalks. It was really an amazing thing to watch from the protection of my little Corolla on my way home. When I pulled in the driveway, I just waited a minute and listened. I listened as the rain came down upon my car and made rivers down my windshield. I listened as the thunder crashed in the distance and faded at the end of each rumble. I waited and just listened for a few minutes before I came inside. It was pretty relaxing, and if I didn't have homework I would have just sat there until the storm passed.

View from our window onto the street, no cars - just rain

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Kat said...

The same thing happened to us last night. We left for a comedy gig and when we got back only 2 hours later it was pouring like I have never seen it pour down before and it was suddenly freezing cold.

Have a great weekend.