Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Once You Pop...

As most of you know, I have gotten semi-addicted to craft swapping (and as some of you also know, I've also had my 15 minutes of fame as a result). A couple of months ago, Kimberly and I were up to no good again and decided to gather up the troops and have an in-real-life swap. The theme we chose: Pringle Can Swap!

Basic Premise: Empty and clean out a Pringle can. Fill it with at least 75% homemade goodies and up to 25% purchased goodies. Give it to your partner.

The first thing we did was ask (sucker) Steve into pairing us up Round-Robin style so we could keep it super secret and be surprised by who was giving us our cans). Once we had our partners - we got to crafting! Last Saturday was the swap date, and the six participants got together at Kimberly's place (me, Kimberly, Nina, Kristin, Marie, and Laura) for the final event.

We had yummy food including Pringles and dips (of course), yummy vegetarian chili, and some Grandma's Grains (which I forgot to get a picture of).

After that we got to poppin' and swappin'! Kimberly gave her can to Kristin first:

Then Kristin gave her can to Laura:

Laura's can of goodies went to Marie:

Marie passed a can to me next (I LOVE THIS SCARF!!):

Then I passed along to Nina:

And to bring it full circle - Nina gave Kimberly a pile of goodness:

Not only did everyone do an awesome job with their various crafts, we had an awesome time as well. Kimberly and I commented that we should have done this a lot more often! Last year was the Magic Yarn Ball Swap, this year was the Pringle Can Swap... I wonder what next year will bring... ;)


Kimberly Pye said...

Next year will involve me mailing something because there is no way I'm missing out on that action! :-D

Ben said...

You're famous! You're on TV! I think... I don't have a TV. I just have teh interwebz, and you're on it.

Nice crafting.

KStar said...

Such a fun night!