Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Day in the Life: Photomentary

The events you're about to see are real. They took place on Friday, November 28, 2008 and are all from my perspective. Please be aware that some images may not be suitable for underage viewers. They contain graphic images of chores, video games, and other such things.

I woke up around 8:45 AM. I decided to be a nice wife and let my husband sleep in. While I waited for him to get up, I started a load of laundry. Darks, to be exact. I couldn't remember if I added soap... so I checked.

As I waited for the laundry to finish washing so I could move it to the dryer, I noticed a slight rumble in my tummy. Hunger. I hadn't had breakfast. Since I knew I had time before Steve got up, I made a cinnamon breakfast flatbread using a recipe for pizza dough. When Steve got up, it was ready. We had flatbread and coffee. It was good, and satisfying. The rumbling stopped, and hunger subsided.

We finished breakfast and Steve left the house to do errands. Laundry had since finished and I had washed and dried our sheets. It was also time to rotate the mattress. I walked into the bedroom and was faced with the following horror:

It was awful. The clean sheets, the bedding... the PILLOWS! But I was brave. I rotated the mattress (it was light, and easy) and made the bed. 20 minutes later... the horror had passed, and peace was had.

Then I realized I needed to make reservations for my 10 year mini-HS-reunion. I was late, and nervous that the slowest restaurant in Salem would be full. I called... no problem. 9 people could easily fit. I sent a message out to the eVite respondents.

Then... it was time. The floor had to be swept. I had just done it two days prior... but yet... the dust monster won't leave my apartment. Just two days and THIS was what I saw... I beat it, and threw it in the garbage. No dust bunnies in THIS house.

I was tired. I needed my fix... of Guitar Hero. But I couldn't get it to work with our new system. Steve had to fix it... and then I rocked it.

After I was done rocking it hardcore (well... really easycore) Steve settled in to play his video game.

And I added the next set of ingredients to the Amish Friendship Bread starter... only 3 more days til I make a loaf:

I then continued on to work on the latest dishcloth to go with my Christmas stash (beware: this could be yours...)

A few minutes into working on the dishcloth... our phone rang. It was our friend Chris asking us to come to dinner. We got in the car and headed out.

We went to Lowell Beer Works where we partook in good food and spirits.

Then we left to return to their place and play games.

It was at this point my camera battery warning light turned on and I knew my photomentary was over. I was not a good photojournalist and did not properly charge my battery that morning. Maybe next time...

...and also maybe next time I'll do something a bit more exciting.


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

When I do wash, I have a tendency NOT to remember to shut the washer door...not a good thing to forget.

Joe G said...

What kind of car is that? It looks sweet, but I can't find anything like it online. I'm probably missing one.

Nahria Medina Marzuki said... were really a busy woman :)

Camelama said...

Ah ha ha, I also forget to put the washer lid down. :)

Love the idea of a daily photo journal - maybe I'll do the same!

Nigel and Danielle said...

Lowell Beer Works...where's that?

Kat said...

A Photomentary, what a great idea Danielle. So cool to see what you guys are up to on a weekend.

Loved it.

Simone said...

Very cool.

Enjoyed your commentary.