Monday, February 5, 2007

Commerciality Statement

Super Bowl was yesterday and I must admit that I was bummed "Da Bears" didn't win. Especially after the beginning of the game when Hester ran back the kick-off for a touchdown. That was awesome. But, oh well.

At any rate, the Super Bowl inevitably means that there are supposed to be lots and lots of good commercials. But most of yesterday's commercials were mediocre at best. I guess though, what can you expect when their halftime show was Prince - also, a mediocre performance at best. Some of the better commercials though, I thought anyways, were:

- Bud Light, "Rock Paper Scissors": OK, I laughed hysterically when he hocked the rock at the guy's head, and then was like "I threw rock!". That was priceless.

- CBS, Dave and Oprah: Another one that I laughed at hysterically, especially after all the hype around the whole Dave and Oprah are fighting crap.

Okay... so really, those were the only two that stuck out in my head. I do have to give a mention though to one of the Kay Jewelers commercials that didn't air during the Super Bowl, but rather I saw it on the Discovery channel over the weekend. There's a mom and dad, and the dad gives his wife a box from Kay. Their son sees this, and goes in his room and makes a heart necklace with construction paper, yarn, and glitter. He puts it in a box and writes "KAY" on the top of it, brings it to his crush's house and gives it to her. His reward - a kiss on the cheek... "Every Kiss begins with Kay".

Sorry, I just thought that was cute.

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