Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Real Update

So... I realized I haven't posted about how I'm doing and what's been going on.

Steve finally got his foot repaired (extra bone removed) so he's on the mend. That's basically been how we're doing. Yesterday he got his first cast removed after 10 days. I left work early and brought him down to Needham to get it off. His doctor is really nice and pleasant, which is good. So the first cast came off and now he's in a fiberglass cast and walking "boot" for 4.5-5 weeks. Once that comes off he'll probably have 2-3 weeks of physical therapy - and then he'll be newly improved Steve. :)

Over the last week... well, we hung out with the Seeds last Wednesday which was fun. They brought a pizza over and we hung out and watched "American Idol". I can't believe the guy in the banana suit... but anyways. Thursday we hosted our church small group, which is always a good and enlightening time. Friday was just us which was fun. We got some Meathouse food and hung out, played some Wii.

Saturday the Drumms came over for hanging out and dessert/coffee, which was great because we hadn't seen them in a while. Sarah and I did some chatting and catching up while the guys made some crazy Wii characters. Sunday was Church and the Super Bowl. I made some homemade chicken fingers - which are so tasty. Mmmm. Chicken fingers.

So overall pretty good week/weekend. This week will also be good. Tomorrow I get my NH License plates!! Any ideas for a vanity plate if I have room in my budget? :)

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