Friday, February 9, 2007

Stop Worrying Sillyhead!

So I'm pre-emptively (and possibly post-emptively) apologizing to anyone I've snapped at, harped at, or been snide/cranky with over the last couple of weeks.

I've been really worried about Steve because of his foot surgery and hoping he/we are doing what he/we need to do in order for it to heal properly. Whenever I worry about people I really care about it gets me very nerved up and I start taking it out on everyone around me (in one form or another). That might be being bossy, or being mean, or being just cranky in general. It's not right, but it tends to be what happens.

Now... add PMS to that. And there you have it.

In the last day or so I've recognized that I'm doing this... and it's not fair to those that have had it happen to them.

Therefore - I apologize if you've been subject to that. Wasn't right. I'm sorry.


In other news... Steve's foot is 27 days away from being exposed to life again. March 8th he gets this cast off which will be great. Hopefully we won't have a lot of ice/snow between now and then because I'm sure that wouldn't be fun. He's back at work and has this neat thing to put on his leg so he can shower. And I also had no idea they made slipper socks in a XXXL, but Drycast had all sorts of neat things for people with casts.

That's really it. At some point this weekend I need to spend some time with my Microeconomics book because my first exam is on Tuesday night. Nothing like spending a long day at work only to go and take an hour exam on supply & demand.

Shouldn't be too bad though, and the class/material is actually very interesting.

OH! If anyone knows of any editing jobs out there, I have a friend who is about to graduate with her BA in English and really wants to break into the editing field.
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