Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Weekend Recap

My weekend was good. For those that are interested...

Friday night I didn't get home until almost 7:00 from work and Steve's foot was sore, so we had a nice night in. I made a steak dinner and used Penzey's Chicago Steakhouse Seasoning which I got from Sarah for Christmas. It was quite tasty.

Saturday Steve and I went to Sam's Club in the morning to get me some new tires. That took some time, and we wandered around for a bit. After that, I met up with Sarah and took her out for lunch and to paint pottery. We went to Applebee's for lunch and then over to Time to Clay for the painting fun. After that I called Steve who had been working to see where he was at, and he was still working so I brought him a coffee. When he finished that, I went to get my car washed and to the grocery store to get dinner. We had another low-key evening, I think I may have done a load of laundry and did some crocheting.

Sunday was church. I got there early and helped out with the "Welcome Team" handing out programs. Got a lot of crocheting done while I waited for Steve to get there so we could go to second service together. After church we went to Panera for lunch, and I went to the Paper Store to get Kiki's birthday gift. Then I went home, did a load of laundry and cleaned up my desk area. We went over to the Drumms to hang out for a bit and then off to La Carreta in Nashua for Kiki's birthday followed by going back to the Drumms' for dessert. Tasty and fun-filled night, it was great to see everyone per the usual and we had a fun time.

Monday we had off. I waited patiently all day hoping that the dentist would call with an opening earlier in the day and it never happened. So I finished my purse (see below entry) and went to the Cracker Barrel for lunch. Back home, did some chores, and went to the dentist. Back home after that and made Steve and I some broccoli, turkey, and cheese sandwiches for dinner.

Today I came back to work. I know, so exciting.
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