Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Danielle News Quickies

- We bought wedding bands last night!!! It took us an hour and a half to pick them out, but we did. We're going to check a couple of places just to make sure that we got good pricing on what we want, but basically - we have bands! We're pretty excited about this, and I personally can't wait until we permanently take them out of the box.

- My mom called us on our way to Manchester last night to share some exciting news with us. She has been offered a record deal by a small independent label in Virginia called Realm Records. If you want to hear some of her stuff, you can go to her MySpace page where she has some songs posted. She's a published author and pretty soon also a recording artist! Yay my mom!

Current Music: Lynrd Skynrd, "Sweet Home Alabama"

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