Thursday, March 15, 2007

In the news...

Disney introduces its first black princess - Here's what's interesting about this to me. I don't remember them making a big deal about Mulan (from what I can remember) being the first Asian princess or Jasmine (again, from what I can remember) being the first Middle Eastern princess. Again, that's just from what I can remember - maybe they did. I do think it's great that they're diversifying a bit more. But... if they're trying to diversify, could they not have put a black person in New Orleans and called her a "Frog" princess? Does anyone else see the irony in this at all? (If you don't get the irony that I see, just ask, I'll 'splain).

Girl finds missing dog's head on doorstep - I hope that whoever the sick-o is that did this gets caught and sentenced to life imprisonment. That's just deplorable.

March Nor'Easter - OH BOY! MORE SNOW! (That's mock excitement, incase anyone was curious).

Meet the $1,000 pizza - I can't believe people would actually pay that much money for a pizza whether they have it or not. You know what though... that $1,000 sundae from Serendipity's might be worth it...
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