Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Five - "How Is It?"

Time for this week's Friday Five...

How’s your car running?
Pretty well. Just gave her a 45K service recently, got her e-brake adjusted. I'd say she's running pretty well. She didn't like the cold, but she did OK. Almost 48K on her right now...

How’s your blood pressure?
Well it was normal the last time I went to the doctor. I have no reason to assume it's otherwise I suppose. I don't stress much, well, I don't stress as much as I used to.

How’s work (or school)?
Work is good. I just had my annual review and I'm valued. That's nice. :) School's not bad either... professor is a little crazy, but the class is interesting.

How’s 2007 so far?
So far so good. My spiritual journey has gone a bit farther already this year and I feel closer to where I want to be there. I got a whole bunch of new clothes which is always a refreshing feeling, especially since I wanted to start dressing a bit more professionally at work (it's Friday, so jeans are OK today). We've been busy with wedding stuff that I won't bore you with here because I bore you with it everywhere else. Been crocheting more, which is good. So far, it's been living up to the whole 2007 > 2006 that I said on Jan. 1.

How’s your hair?
Growing. Only about another year and a half before I can cut it off and send it to Locks of Love again. I don't dye it or anything, so it's just kind of there. I pull it back sometimes.

This was kind of a lamer Friday 5, eh?

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Lisa said...

I think it's very cool that you send your hair to LOL...I don't have the will power to grow my hair that long, and also-I dye mine. 8(