Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday Five!

Before I get to the Friday 5, I just want to direct a bit of attention to yesterday's post and encourage whoever can to try and donate even a little bit to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Even if you can't, please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers as it's such an important cause.

Now... on to the Friday Five!

What do you like on a hot dog?
On a hot dog I usually just eat it plain, but every so often I'll throw a slice of American cheese on the bun while the dog is hot. Bun toasted.

What do you like on a hamburger?
On a hamburger I'm a bit more adventurous. Usually just cheese is plenty for me... but sometimes I absolutely love to put some cheddar, BBQ Sauce, and sauteed onions. That's a mighty tasty burger.

What do you like on a baked potato?
I can go two ways with this one. Usually I just like some butter on it - especially if it's with a meal, but if I'm feeling up to making a meal out of it on its own there are other options. For example, maybe some melted cheese (or processed cheese product like Velveeta) with some scrambled hamburger or bacon.

What do you like on a slice of toast?
Depends on the kind of toast. If it's raisin toast (or some other flavored bread toast) I'll just take a little bit of butter. If it's French toast, butter and syrup. If it's plain old white or wheat toast... peanut butter.

What do you like in a cup of coffee or tea?
Two different answers here. In coffee I like half and half and 3/4 of a spoon of sweetener (usually Equal or Splenda). In tea I usually take it "black", which is something Steve got me into because I used to take it with a spoon of sweetener.
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