Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend In Review

This was a good weekend. Here it is in recap:

Friday: Friday night Steve met me after work at the Country 102.5/St. Jude's Radiothon where we both spent the evening volunteering. I love doing this, it's so rewarding and it's a pretty good time. The total amount raised ended up being sometime like $740,913.00 I think at time of final tally announcement, and I know that a couple more calls came in while they were tallying that and before we took the phones off the hook. So amazing to raise that much money - last year's amount wasn't beat, but what was raised is certainly not a drop in the bucket either. Then we went home, played some Wii, and went to bed.

Saturday: Saturday I got up kind of early and went to the Lowell post office to apply for my passport. Apparently on Saturday mornings they put out cookies and coffee, and they were very friendly. Not used to that kind of service at a post office. After that I went back up to Salem to have study time with Kristin. We were kind of unproductive this week but that's partially my fault 'cause I had a headache and couldn't concentrate. I bought a nice personal journal while we were there though, which I had been meaning to do for a while. After that I went home, promised Steve I'd clean up my desk area (which isn't done yet... I'll get to that in a minute), and got directions to go to Grammy Kathy's as it was her birthday. Picked her up and brought her to lunch at T-Bones. We had a very nice time, but about 3 minutes after I dropped her off I got a POUNDING headache. Like, one of those lie-down type headaches. I still had some errands to do though... including buy a table.

Initially, we were just going to buy a cheapie folding table for the kitchen/dining area until we could find the time to go out and find a dining room set. For those of you that weren't aware, Furniture World is going out of business and as I was driving down Rt. 28 heading home to lie down, there were signs just about EVERYWHERE for the clearance center in Windham. I figured... what the heck, I'll go in and look. To make a long story short... I went in and looked around. Found a table with a couple of little dings on it (remember, this was the Clearance Center) and the price on it was originally $409.00. It was marked down to... $250? I think. Anyways, after negotiating and making the sales lady make a face at me, I ended up buying the table for $75. BAM!

The rest of the day was me having a splitting headache and lying down to watch "Sweet Home Alabama" (Steve, sweetie that he is, brought me Motrin and lied down with me while I recovered from my headache). Then (again, sweetie that he is) he brought me out to dinner at IHOP so I wouldn't have to cook dinner. I did get laundry done, and Steve helped me with the folding a bit so that was good. Then we played more Wii and went to bed.

Sunday: As it turned out, we forgot to "spring forward" but we still made it to church on time. After church we grabbed some lunch with some peeps at Panera Bread (mmm... tasty) and then went our separate ways. I took the Corolla to go get the table; I can't tell you how many times I told the furniture people "Yes, I want the legs off the table. How else will it fit in a Corolla.". Went home, dropped off the table pieces, went out to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for dinner. When I got home, Steve had beaten me home and had put the table together (which, even though I was looking forward to putting it together, I was thankful for because it was late in the afternoon and I still had stuff to do). We hung out for a bit and I gave Steve a "hair-rub" because in an ironic turn of events - he had a splitting headache. After that we went to Lane Bryant and got me some new clothes (yay!), went to Circuit City to look at printer/scanners, and then went home. I made a nice spaghetti dinner and Steve poured us some wine. Then I worked on my checking account while Steve went out and got us some ice cream. We watched a special on the National Geographic channel about Cain & Abel, and then we went to bed.

Today I got up, went for a walk, got ready for work, and came to work. I know, very very exciting.
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