Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"The Sun Will Come Out..."

Time for some Take Me Back Tuesday...

What was the first musical movie you saw (not necessarily broadway related)?
The first musical that I remember seeing was Mary Martin's "Peter Pan" when I was a kid. My mom rented it on VHS and we (my brother and I) watched it with her. I remember thinking to myself the whole time "Why is PETER Pan played by a girl?". Mom really didn't have a good answer for that...

What was the most recent musical movie you saw?
The most recent was definitely "Fiddler on the Roof" which I caught on "On-Demand" when I was sick right after we moved. I first saw that as a musical at the North Shore Music Theater and I cried, so when I saw it on the listings and had nothing to do except be sick - I decided it was a good time to finally see the movie. Yes, it also made me cry.

Have you ever seen a movie because of the music that was in it?
Yes. When I was in high school and marched in Winterguard, I watched "Interview with a Vampire" and "Only You" (Sophomore and Senior years, respectively) The shows were based around the music and to an extent the coaches/choreographers based the show around the movie as well. I thought that watching the movies would help me to be a better performer on the floor.

What is your favorite musical (Movie and Broadway show if you have one)?
My favorite musical that's a movie is hands down "Annie", and not that crappy Kathy Bates version either. I mean the one where Carol Burnett played Ms. Hannigan. Yeah, that one. I love that movie. As far as a live musical, so far I would have to say "Fiddler on the Roof" at the North Shore Music Theater out of all the ones I've seen so far.
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