Friday, April 6, 2007

Friday Five

I've been a blog slacker this week due to heavy work volume and heavy home work volume. And a bit of stress mixed in. Next week might be a better week.

But... Here's the Friday Five!

What’s your routine when you sit down to read a newspaper?
Because I read most of my news online, when I get the newspaper I don't typically read the whole thing. Usually I'll get a copy of the Sunday Eagle Tribune when I do get a newspaper. First thing I do is sort out the sales flyers; I keep the coupons, I separate out the Best Buy, Circuit City, and CompUSA flyers for Steve, and then I pitch anything else I don't think I'll look through. Then I go directly to the Lifestyles section to see if anyone I know has recently gotten engaged or married. After that, I'll flip to the Local News section because there are often articles in there that I won't see on my normal online stops. Then I'll read through the "Magazines" that come with the Sunday paper. Lastly, I'll read the funnies, because to me there's no better way to end the Sunday newspaper reading experience.

When you fire up your web-browser on a typical day, what’s your browsing routine?
Gmail... various blogs (to see how peeps are doing)... CNN... sometimes MySpace.

It’s time to tidy up your living space! In what order do you normally tackle things?
Typically: Start a load of laundry, clean the bathroom, switch laundry, clean kitchen/living room, switch/fold/put away laundry, clean bedroom, tidy office area (this sometimes, er, recently, has not gotten done on my half of the office), wash floors/vacuum, finish up laundry. That can vary, depending.

Holy cow! It’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping! How do approach this annual, sometimes-daunting task?
I don't really have an approach. I just start shopping sometime around the end of October and keep going until everyone on the list is done. Sometimes this is done by Thanksgiving, often times it's done around December 15th or so to give me time to wrap.

What’s your method for paying bills?
I pay everything online and it gets paid on-time. In two months, it will be however the Finance Guy (my future hubby) sees fit to pay the bills. :)
Current Music: Kenny Loggins, "I'm Alright" (Mike FM really does play everything...)

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