Monday, April 30, 2007

Of Course!!!

Just got a call from the New England Regional Manager at The Pros, which is the company we're using for our photography.

Apparently, the photographer we picked out over a year ago has been turning in just "mediocre" work this wedding season so far. As a result, the manager has decided to take him off the contracts he has with the company because "We are not about mediocre photography, and want to make sure you get the best you can".

Kudos that he called us early in the wedding season to let us know. Bummer for us that the photographer we picked isn't up to par.

Good news is that he wants to have the issue settled and pair us up with a new photographer no later than Friday. Hopefully he/she doesn't suck real bad. Photography ain't cheap!!!
Current Music: A Taste of Honey, "Boogie Oogie Oogie" (This is what happens when you listen to Mike FM at work... you get everything...)


Mags said...

1-Let's be honest-you know you like Boodie Oogie Oogie. ;)

2-I hope everything works out for you and the photographer! That really does suck, but at least they're helping you find a new one-imagine if you had to search all by yourselves!?!


Danielle said...

Yeah... it's really one of those songs where you wouldn't stop on it when you're looking for a good station, but when it comes on to a station you're already listening too - you feel compelled to stay.


James said...

Vendors are like children, they can make you so proud and then leave you breathless with the shit they seem to get themselves (and as a result you) into. Look at it this way, the agency is going for the "we have integirty" angle, hardly a bad thing.

Danielle said...

James that is a GREAT way to put it. :) Tanks!