Friday, April 27, 2007

Outside Questions on a Rainy Day...

This week's Friday Five is all about the outdoors. Of course, true to New England form, it's raining. Blah to that.

Anywho... here are this week's questions. Enjoy! Comment! Puddle Hop!

What is your favorite outdoor activity?
My favorite outdoor activity is probably just walking. When you're walking you can take in more than when you're running, you get some exercise, and because of that you're also forced to breathe. Now - when a truck drives by, that's not the nicest of smells - but if you walk by a rose bush or a lilac bush or something. Or fresh cut grass. Mmmm. :)

Are you outdoors not often enough, too often, or just often enough?
I am not outdoors enough, I don't think. It's something that I really want to work on. Picnic more. Walk more. Just be outside more. Inside is stuffy.

When was the last time you slept in a tent?
Probably about 6 years ago the last time I went camping in college. Good times.

Where is your favorite beach?
Definitely Hampton State Beach. It's relatively local and I have a lot of fun memories there. Good times with friends (girls, we have to do a girls' day at the beach again this summer...), good times with family (Dad used to just tell us to "get in the van" if we had nothing to do and we'd go on up). And the best memory of all there - it's where Steve asked me to marry him!!!

In what social, academic, or professional group are you on the outer fringes of? In what social, academic, or professional group are you right in the middle of?
OK, so this question has absolutely NOTHING to do with the other 4. And I guess I don't really know the answer? I kind of think of myself as just... myself... and not really belonging to any specific group of anything. I guess you could say that I'm part of a couple of different social groups... my friends from college and then my friends from church. And I guess academically I'm an Alumni from UMass Lowell. And professionally... I'm a young aviation professional? I guess? Does that answer the question??


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Ginafish said...

He! So I'm guessing from your shock, that all 5 questions are suppose to go together? I'm new at this, so I didn't know any better. Aviation field? Cool :)