Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

Steve's in the shower, so I figured I'd do a little update.

Let's see... we've got a new guy at work to backfill my old position. With 7 or so working days until the wedding, we're trying to train him and I'm trying to not fall too far behind. The Six Sigma training didn't help that much either since I lost 2 working days for it, but it'll be beneficial in the long run. I'm hoping tonight when we get home I'll be able to put up a couple of PO's that I brought home. That'll help with some stuff too.

We're just about done with all of our wedding to do list. We're going to make programs for the ceremony which isn't required but it's something I want to do. We've got to finish with attendant gifts and figure out what to get our parents. The latter is actually harder than we thought, it's the only thing we're drawing a blank on. Anyone reading this... maybe if you told us what you got your parents if/when you got married, that would be helpful to jog our minds. But yeah, this has been a productive wedding weekend. We've gotten all the centerpieces and favors done for the rehearsal dinner. Yes, there are "favors" for the rehearsal dinner but that's mostly because we had more Hershey's Kisses than we've ever wanted to see in our lives and needed to get rid of them. The seating arrangements and place cards are all done, as are the table markers. We just need to pay Atkinson (they haven't told us our final balance yet...) and we'll be all set; all other deposits have been paid/mailed. Steve's wedding gift is mostly done/wrapped and safe in its hiding place at the Seeds'. Yeah... very productive weekend.

Last night I think it really started to hit us as we alphabetized and verified our place cards that we're really getting married very quickly. The stress that had been there up until about 6:00 PM yesterday seemed to disappear and we were able to smile and just be excited. It was an awesome feeling. I cannot wait for June 9th to finally get here so that we can be MARRIED. :)

Today's Memorial Day and we're heading to Sterling for Josh & Sarah's first Memorial Day Cookout in their new house!! Yay for that! :) It's also probably our last cookout as an unmarried couple. Double yay!
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OMG: 1 week and 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!