Wednesday, May 30, 2007

You Take It As It Comes...

So, it looks like my Grampa probably won't be able to come to the wedding.

Sunday night he was admitted to the hospital because he was weak and the doctors said he had something called syncope. That has subsided but he needs to go into a rehab for a couple of weeks to regain his strength. It's for the best, but he was super excited to come to our wedding. Yesterday he even started saying, "I was SUPPOSED to go out today and get a new suit! Now I can't even go and get a new suit just incase." I'm bummed, but clearly his health is more important. I just feel terrible seeing him so down about the fact that he won't be able to come. We have someone who is willing to video tape everything for him though, so that's fantastic.

The wedding is only 10 days away. Sorry, every so often today I've just had this "Oh my goodness" moment.

On the upside, my passport arrived yesterday. It's a good thing I'm not really travelling on June 1 like I told them or I would have had a panic attack waiting so long for it! 17 days until the Jamaican Honeymoon... oh, I am SO excited!!!

Everything is pretty much done for the wedding though. All that's left is polishing off the gifts that we have to buy and designing/printing the programs. Thursday before our small group we're heading up to Atkinson to pay off the balance of what we owe them.

Last night I decided that I wanted to read a book. I've started to divulge into Love and Marriage by Bill Cosby. Book report will come soon I'm sure because it's a quick read, as most of his books are.

Oh... and my "lady friend" is due this week too. Because the week and a half before your wedding isn't QUITE emotional enough.
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Mags said...

What are you getting me as a gift? I like shiny things. LOL. JK, obviously. About the gift, not the shiny things. 8)

As you know I just got back from FL and a wedding. Her gp's in Maryland couldn't come, so the set up a video camera that fed right into their computer or tv, I'm not sure which, but they put the camera right near the front so her GP's could watch.

Then they had it set up at the reception too, which was cool. They were all very excited about being able to do that. I wonder if you could set something like that up for him?

KiKi said...

It will all work out in the end. My Grandad was in the hospital for our wedding and he'd driven out from Detroit (12 hours) just to be there, it was dissapointing but pictures are worth a thousand words, plus it made for a great story!