Monday, May 7, 2007


I've been interviewed by Mags! Below please find her questions and my answers.

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1. If you had to have your forearm cut off and you could have any tool or device attached in its place what would you pick and why? (You cannot choose a fake arm.)
Wow. Interesting question. I think that I would need some sort of Inspector Gadget contraption, you know "Go Go Gadget Arm". One of those arms that has everything in it. I'm way too self-sufficient to not have use of the arm in some capacity, and if I had a Gadget Arm, that would rock. Now I want one anyways, even though I still have my arm intact.

2. You have been given the gift to erase one event from history that has happened in your lifetime. What event do you pick and what would be the difference in the world if this event had never taken place?
I think that I would erase the OJ Simpson case. I think that it helped to accelerate the media-ization of celebrity legal issues. That's not to say that it wouldn't have happened with some other case, but it might not have happened as quickly as it did. Plus, the whole thing in my opinion made a mockery of the legal system in general. WHY was there not a leather expert in the room to remind everyone that if that glove was soaked in blood it WOULD NOT HAVE FIT because it WOULD HAVE SHRUNK. I think that it caused a bit of distrust in the legal system because it's so obvious that he did it. I would rather just erase the whole.... thing.

3. You are getting married very soon-write a haiku about how the wedding planning experience has been so far.
Through all the chaos
And planning, I see a smile
And remember why.

(I think that was 17 syllables... I was never good at haikus.)

4. Through Greg’s blog I’ve learned that you share my love for all things Disney. What is your most favorite thing in The World to do or see and why?

Oooh. Very good question. I have a few, to be honest, across all 4 of the parks at WDW. But, I have to say that I absolutely love just about all things Epcot. Steve and I did two days there last time I was down just because we love it so much. That said, my aboslute favorite thing to do is about midway through a day at Epcot I like to grab a beverage (maybe a tea from the UK or a cappucino from France) and park it in the Canadian pavillion for a performance by "Off Kilter". I have this weird obsession with bagpipes - and they have bagpipes & kilts mixed with Rock & Roll. I don't think it gets much better than that. After they are done performing their set I can continue with the rest of my day.

5. If you were only allowed to repeat one sentence for the rest of your life, what would that sentence be? (You could say it as often as you wanted).
I think that I would choose to say "I Love You". Because, you can have many different kinds of love in your life and most other things can be expressed by body language. Love is different, and it's good to hear an "I Love You" once in a while.
Current Music: Sheryl Crow, "All I Wanna Do"


Mags said...


Excellent answers Danielle-especially the Go Go Gadget Arm. That would be my choice too.

And also-Off Kilter. LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle said...


I was disappointed the last time we were there for just a minute - because the paper schedule said they were not playing the day were were there. Then we walked by and they were going to be on in five minutes. Yes, we stopped. I got some crap from some Jets fans (I was wearing my Laurence Maroney jersey - sorry, the Pats were playing the Chargers that day in the playoffs, I had to...), but I enjoyed the show none the less. :)