Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Five and One Other Thing

Before I get into the Friday 5, I just want to bring your attention to an interesting artist I stumbled across today. His name is Julian Landa, and the artwork he does is centered around tea. Some of it is very, very strange and a bit too dark in theme for me, but a lot of it is actually kind of neat. Check him out and let me know what you think.

Now... on to the Friday 5!

What’s something you were into before it became popular?
As silly as this sounds... not really liking Drew Bledsoe as a quarterback. I always thought that even though he had a rocket arm he was incredibly inaccurate, especially under pressure. I remember joking during the 1997 Super Bowl that if there were a broadside of a barn with his team jersey painted on it, he'd still manage to throw it to the chickens in the field. But then in 2001 when Tom Brady came on the scene and EVERYONE started saying how much better he was for the Pats than Bledsoe, I was accused of jumping on the bandwagon. That kind of aggravated me. :)

What’s something you were reluctant to jump on the bandwagon with, but now are totally into?
I can't think of anything to answer this question with. I'm not one to avoid something if it interests me, even if it is in line with what the popular culture likes.

What’s a current trend or fad you just don’t get?
Text messaging. It seems like it would be so much easier and quicker to just call the person.

If you could turn any current fondness of yours into a popular trend, what would it be?
I think it would be doing things to benefit those charities that help young sick/injured children. I would love to see more people volunteering their time or donating their money to St. Jude's and other organizations that assist those children who are forced to grow up and face their own mortality much sooner than any "normal" child. Every child deserves a chance to be on a Little League baseball team or take a ballet class or even just do something as simple as go to the beach with their family without having to worry about anything.

What’s something that’s totally uncool that you love anyway?
The Yankees. NO - I AM JUST KIDDING!!! I can't think of anything off the top of my head, I don't do anything that off the mark or that's "totally uncool" as I can think of. If anyone can think of something uncool that I love anyways, please feel free to leave a comment. And be nice. :)

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Steve Athanas said...

Totally uncool that you love anyways: Your husband.

KiKi said...

Aww your husband's cool.

Kimberly Pye said...

Landa reminds me of DalĂ­ with a hint of Alice in Wonderland. I like it. I put one on my desktop.

Mags said...

I want some details yo!


I tagged you for a meme today on my blog too-check it out.