Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Quick Honeymoon Update

Jamaica was amazing!!! Steve and I had the best time and we're trying to figure out a way to save our pennies and go back next year. We spent tons of time just relaxing at the pool and on the beach, and even made some new friends at the pool where we were "regulars". The food was absolutely luscious, and the drinks were quite tasty as well. The bartender at the swim-up pool bar where we spent most of our time opened the bar at 10:00 AM and brought everyone mimosas to start the day. Don't worry - we balanced our booze with plenty of lime-aid and ice water. :) We also had a private candle-lit dinner on the beach, which was absolutely romantic and amazing.

We did NOT want to leave. :)

Me eating jerk pork - mmmmm:

What we woke up to every day:

The aptly named Sunset Beach:

Private Candle-lit Dinner on the Beach:

Us the night of the Beach party:


Mags said...

Awesome pictures!!!!

I love that you guys had a private little dinner on the beach-very wonder why you didn't want to leave!

We missed you here though. I for one, was going to start a revolt. (Against what? I dunno-but I was going to damn it!)


Steve Athanas said...

You know, what these pictures don't show is how unbelieveably lush the area was. I won't say it was unspoiled nature, as it was a resort, and was certainly DESIGNED to be breathtaking, but the varities of foliage from almond and breadfruit trees, to hibiscus and other beautiful flowers was simply stunning. I spent an afternoon just taking pictures of the flora.

I wanna go back...

Dan said...

We certainly did miss you both the whole time you were gone. I'd love to see your nature pics, Steve.

Becky Biohazard said...

Good thing that you guys had fun. makes Becky happy. :]

Kimberly Pye said...

I want to save pennies, too! Let's go!

Chris said...



I'm glad you guys had such a great time!