Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Steve and I didn't do much last night besides have salads for dinner, go to Wal*Mart, and watch Gabriel Iglesias on the Comedy Central on-demand. Then I got up this morning, made lunches, and ate a bagel.

I know. Very, very exciting.

Since I have nothing exciting to write about, I am taking a hiatus from a "real" entry today.

Until tomorrow!

Addendum: I do have something brief to mention. Someone here went on vacation and left a full cup of coffee on their desk. When someone went in that person's office looking for something, the coffee cup was found and a snide remark was made in a multiple addressee email.

Let this be a lesson: Make sure all of your food and drink are cleared out of your desk before you leave, or you could be the butt of an office email joke.

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