Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Random Stuffs

- Yesterday I got my new license and changed my name with the town of Salem! That was pretty exciting. I also got my new ID badge at work and this morning they had changed the nameplate on my cube entrance. Very exciting. Today at lunch I'm going to be drafting letters to Toyota and Direct Loans so I can change my name on my bills. I know, so unexciting.

- Last night Steve was going through our pantry and found an unopened bag of Eight-O-Clock coffee. The date on it was 5/2007, but because it's vaccum sealed we're assuming that it will still be good. So random though, I didn't think that we had any coffee that wasn't enclosed in a K-Cup anymore. But, it made me realize that I need to reorg that pantry cabinet though. Sunday looks like it's going to be my reorg day.

- Also, I came across this cartoon this morning that I thought was pretty cute/funny. More clever I guess, than funny but I still got some amusement out of it.

- Did anyone watch the Democratic CNN-YouTube debate last night besides us? I have to say that I get so frustrated every election season because half the candidates don't answer the questions posed in any debate - and that goes for either party. I'm sure in September when the Republicans do it, the same thing will happen. I did like the format though; it allowed the questions to be asked by the people who will be doing the voting. If you missed it and you're interested in politics at all, I encourage you to catch the Republican one in September even if you don't agree with the platforms the candidates are running on, because it really was a neat format.
Current Music: Sting, "Desert Rose"


KiKi said...

I liked the beared guy was saying that big media was so into Al Gore and if he was still " worried 'bout all da ice" LOL that guy was so from New Hampshire.

Kimberly Pye said...

Didn't watch (no TV), but I heard about it on NPR this morning. They said there was a snowman who brought up the global warming issue.

There was also one guy who submitted a video question and was in the audience. They asked him, "Did that answer your question?" He was all like, "No."

Would have liked to watch it. Will try to catch the Republicans.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I can't do politics...it seriously makes my blood pressure go up. It doesn't matter what party anymore either...just by saying the word politics...yep, another ten points!