Monday, July 2, 2007

Pop Pop Fizz Fizz...

Oh man, what a relief it is to not have to worry about planning a big event anymore. To not have to worry about checking task lists and fret over whether or not the vendors are all set and be concerned about alterations and tuxedos and hairstyles and nails. To be able to come home from work and know that all there is to do are household chores. To actually have the time to cook a homecooked meal after work, something nutritious (or, at least more nutritious than a Burger King value meal you ate on the run).

The wedding day was a complete blur. It was worth all the efforts... but somewhere along the line in planning the thing, Steve and I forgot what having nothing to do was like. This last weekend was great because I actually had a whole weekend to pay attention to our apartment. I'm not done yet, but I spent at least 12 hours of the weekend purging and cleaning and making our living area and bathroom comfortable again. We almost have our laundry room back, and pretty soon our office will be a bit more comfortable as well. This fall I think we'll sort our storage closet, but for now at least we're able to keep our apartment in order again!

I don't know how long we'll be in this apartment, and knowing my luck the moment we get it exactly how we want it to live in we'll find a house we can afford. Oh well. It's better to put in the effort I think and not know, just plan on being comfortable. There's something to be said for feeling at home.

Seriously though, having free time is amazing. Not having to guard a Friday evening because it's the only "us" time we'll get for weeks and be able to go out to a movie with friends on the spur of the moment. I'd gotten so used to having to guard a night alone with Steve that when our friends Nathan and Priscila called on Friday to see if we wanted to grab dinner and see Ratatouille, I started to protest to Steve. "But... we have a night alone planned...".

His response: "Yeah? What are we doing tomorrow night?"

I thought about it. He was right. Nothing on Saturday. Nothing on Sunday. Sure, we're booked up on Monday and Tuesday, but we're taking it easy on Wednesday since we both have the day off and Steve beat his foot up pretty good on the honeymoon. His sister is coming down next weekend, but that's just hanging out.

It's so WEIRD not having to rush around doing tasks. Not a bad weird though, almost like a feeling of being lost and not caring about it because being lost is fun in this case.

In other news, it's interesting post-wedding to hear the stories about the things that people did. I heard a doozey yesterday that kind of appalled me, and I'm glad I didn't hear about it the day of. It's just so sad that weddings bring out the selfishness in some people. Can't people just go to a wedding and be happy for the couple who's there, professing their love to the world? And that goes for any wedding. That's my advice for wedding goers - remember why you're going, remember why YOU were invited, and remember what the day is about.

I guess with 15 minutes left to the day, I should get some work done. :)
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Doug said...

Sounds like married life is treating you well. hope to see you guys sometime soon

Mags said...

I can't wait to feel what you are feeling...reading your post makes me excited for what is to come in about 3 weeks...I'm happy you are getting back into the swing of things.

And also, you've made me wicked curious about the appalling wedding debacle.