Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Five - Extras

This week's Friday 5 are pretty interesting, I think, and were easier for me to answer than I had originally thought that they would be when I first read them. Feel free to comment or leave your own answers in the comments!

You’ve always wished for it, and your wish has come true: There’s now a twenty-fifth hour in the day, but you have to spend it the same way every day on something you don’t have enough time for now, and it can’t be for sleep. How will you spend this extra hour every day?
I'll spend this time working on crafty things. I have a few different projects that are either still in progress or just need one more touch to be finished that could use some attention. I also want some extra time to be working on our scrapbook, a project that I REALLY want to do but has fallen by the wayside unfortunately.

As if that weren’t enough, an extra day has been added to the calendar, and you can insert it anywhere you want, except the day immediately before or after a holiday, and you have to spend it the same way every year. How will you spend this extra day each year, and when on the calendar will it appear?
I'd insert it in the Monday after the Super Bowl. This would give people an extra day to recover from staying up late to watch their team play, and would also allow people an extra day to clean up after the parties before they start their work week.

Someone is giving you an extra twenty dollars per week (or its equivalent, if your country uses a different monetary unit) to spend any way you want, but you have to spend it the same way every week, and it has to be on yourself (no charity or gift-giving, and no investing or saving!). How will you spend this extra twenty dollars per week?
This one took me a second to think about, but I think I have an answer. I'd combine it with another $10 of my own money and get a manicure every week. My nails could use it because I'm not so good at doing my own, and hands are one of the most noticeable things on a person.

Wow! When you woke up this morning, you noticed that someone snuck in and added a new room to your living space! The room is for your exclusive use, and it can serve only one FUN function (and it can’t be used as a bedroom or storage). What fun activity will be reserved for this new room?
MY use?? CRAFT ROOM!!!! It would get good use with that one extra hour a day that I got up above. Oh the things I could do with a craft room...

A magic backpack appears at your doorstep. It will hold any one thing you can normally carry by yourself, it will render that item weightless, and it will collapse to the size of a small pack of gum. What will you carry in it?
My laptop... provided that it goes back to regular size when I take it out of the bag. It wouldn't really fit on the dock if it was the size of a pack of gum.
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